2016: MINDFULNESS-ON-IKARIA is a new brand and label being developed on the Aegaen island Ikaria. We aim to foster a new consciousness for a more mindful human living, acting and travelling on this planet earth. The label embraces distinguished, smaller-scale Meditation, Yoga and Art seminars, guided miracle tours to beautiful nature spots, transformational somatic healing formats (NOTHINGNESS PROCESS) in nature as well as larger community actions serving, preserving and restoring the health of the island (and earth) and thus its natural medicine power.


If a more mindful living - and a more mindful way of spending your holidays - is a concern of yours - we are so much looking forward for you to join our dream and actions now. For more information on our MOI environmental projects (such as ´paradise cleaning´, ´zero-plastic waste contest´, ´reuse cups project´, ´spring water project´, etc.), please also check our FB page - or just contact us.
2023: Even if the aftermath of the ´pandemic´ lockdowns since 2020 has been affecting the pre-covid blossoming of our work badly, we are still here - and commited to keep connecting people - here on paradise island - to the lunar magic our all amazing planet earth has on offer.

Mission Statement


To us Ikaria is a medicine island.

Even in untouched places where there seems to be NOTHING, big magic-magnetic ‘EVERYTHING’ is already there. And it's here where our work on our AUTHENTIC SELF and empowerment can truly begin...


With MINDFULNESS-ON-IKARIA we aim to give people access to the ‘EVERYTHING’ within the NOTHING – by offering:

* specifically designed miracle tours into the medicine island’s beauty - far away from 'plastic world' and consumerist behaviour.

* mindfulness sessions (meditation or yoga classes) within carefully chosen nature spots unfolding as important part - and secret medicine - of such specific mindfulness-in-nature practice.

* transformational and healing formats (NOTHINGNESS PROCESS) for individuals addressing the natural goods of the island – the abundance of its magnetic NOTHINGNESS - as part of the overall medicine.


* transport vehicles (jeep, car, bus, bicycle) for your individual trips into the abundance and healing power of the islands NOTHINGNESS and beauty.

* or our advice for interested people stopping by at our offices in Armenistis and Agios Kirikos – or our (Lemy car) booth at the Airport.


Our key focus in our actions and activities for MINDFULNESS-ON-IKARIA is not what we can get out from the island - but what we can give back to this awesome place of earth – its magnetic beauty and healing powers – so that its health and medicine will also nurish future generations.

In such intension we support with 5-10% of our MINDFULNESS-On-IKARIA income projects that aim to foster the overall environmental well-being of the island.


Furthermore, MINDFULNESS-On-IKARIA is an attempt, to specifically foster the deep inner connection we can make within ourselves and our environment when travelling and spending a holiday - as opposed to join the nowadays travel industry's 'canon of distraction and distruction'...


And: MINDFULNESS-On-IKARIA is a BIG NOTHING Project - a gradually evolving Conscious Art work seeking to inspire more and more people to give into NOTHING, in order to experience the magic powers of 'BIG magnetic EVERYTHING'...



Ikaria, November 2016


Urania Mytika, Artist & Dolihi Tours Tour Coordinator

Dimitris Mytikas, Lemy Car/ Dolihi Tours

Simone Leona Hueber, Actress, Artist & Mindfulness Coach

Kyriakoula Kontaxopoulou, Philotimo CommitteeTherma/ Pension Plumeria


information and booking:  Dolihi tours Agios Kirikos:                                            lemy@otenet.gr // info@simoneleonahueber.com

For more information on the nature of magical lunar immersions & creations - and in particular of Simone Leona Hueber´s research, teaching, coaching and art projects on the magical Lunar-Feminine principle of creation (a.o. through the Magical Lunar Wisdom School Ikaria), feel free (guided and invited ;)) to also (intuitively) check out the Evolving Conscious Art project BIGmagicNOTHING on www.big-magic-nothing.com




Sept 2019: You can now leave your review on your magic experience with us on TripAdvisor:




For 3 years people had been asking us how to leave an online review on our magical work with Mindfulness On Ikaria  - especially on their healing/ transformative experience with our open Mindfulness and Yoga classes in magical nature spots on the island.

We are now very happy to announce that this is now possible - and we hope with your help and even the one of TripAdvisor (!😉) we will soon be able to connect more and more people to the ‚land’ and ‚her’ magic-magnetic information & healing powers, i.e. to a more mindful, slow, sustainable and transformative approach to be & travel that instead of destroying our planet is connecting us with our collective powers to create the (caring) new!


Here‘s your opportunity to help us cause such change by leaving a review on your (maybe magical) experience with our open Mindfulness and Yoga classes here on the (is-) land:



And of course follow us on FB for detailed monthly schedules:


Information for travel and 'slow travel' agents working with Dolihi Tours:

Our intention with Mindfulness-On-Ikaria is to help you to CONNECT to the island, its amazing nature, its magic and its Ancient culture - with your body, your heart and your highest spirits, rather than merely ‘showing’ you the island rationally and ‘functionally’.
We believe that only by CONNECTING, you will be able to get in contact with the true Ikarian spirit that has its roots in Ancient times and much before – and which is up to today nourished by its rich nature and specific location, within cultures and on planet earth. Once you CONNECT with your body, mind and soul to the island, you will immediately understand the mystery of ‘longevity’ here on the island. This then is a TRUE discovery. Maybe one that will transform your life and health forever - out of NOTHING - and you'll call it 'miraculously'!
We regard ourselves as very privileged to support you on this very special (healing & conntecting) journey into the heart of what makes us humans feel present and alive - not only on holidays, but all year, in each and every day and minute of our lives! This is 'longevity'.